Documentation team meeting 2023-09-04


  • Mini retrospective on meeting format:
    • What works well?
    • What doesn’t work well?
    • What should we improve?

PR Triage

Present: @ekohl, @maximilian, @adamlazik1, @mjivraja

A mini retrospective was planned, but @Lennonka is on PTO so we’ll postpone retro until she’s back.

We did make one small adjustment to PR triage. Where previously we reviewed oldest open PRs we now used least recently updated open PRs, excluding drafts. That now only returns 18 open PRs and all of them have been updated within the last week. Given how recent all of that is we concluded we’re now caught up. Then we started going over least recently updated open issues.

While going over the PRs we did notice that prprocessor labels that we talked about (Documentation team meeting notes 2023-08-21) aren’t getting applied. @ekohl didn’t set up the webhook and may have also forgotten more (config or permissions).