Dual List component is almost ready on Patternfly



PR link: https://github.com/patternfly/patternfly-react/pull/395
Design: https://www.patternfly.org/pattern-library/forms-and-controls/dual-list-selector/#design
Storybook: https://rawgit.com/Laviro/patternfly-react/storybook/feature/dual-list-selector/index.html !

I’d like us to think together what else would we like to add as follow-up PRs,
what would we like to improve in the current situation ?



Nice :+1: Can’t wait to see it in foreman




We need to make sure that the values sent by this component when the form is submitted are the same as those sent by the current implementation we use.
There are a couple of more complicated use cases we have right now in Foreman:

  1. The ability to disable certain items so they can’t be moved from side to side. This is used for example when an Organization has hosts connected to other resources, e.g. domains, preventing these resources that are in use from being removed from the Organization. When this occurs a tool tip also displays explaining why these items are disabled.
  2. The ability to send extra values without displaying them to the user. This is used for example when a user has limited permissions and can’t see all values connected to an object, to prevent that user from removing the values that they don’t know about when the form is submitted.

Other than that this component looks very nice!