Foreman UX newsletter - January 2019

Welcome to the January 2019 issue of the Foreman UX newsletter.

New year new goals - Our roadmap for the next six months has been published and we have begun making progress on several items on the roadmap.

Add patternfly-react eslint - the new eslint plugin is much more strict and it is going to help us to catch more code issues. Much refactoring has been done since switching to Patternfly’s eslint configuration. For example, missing props were added which provide a better documentation for our components.

Generators - React code generators reduce boilerplate and generate full functional tests which makes development much easier and fast.

End to End testing - We have attempted to find a better tool for E2E testing which will be faster, easier to debug, and more compatible with React. During this process we have been working closely with QE and are now investigating the use of robotello and AirGun.

webpack packaging process - more progress was made on the discussion to handle webpack building and the way plugins consume foreman npm package and its dependencies.

The journey to SPA - we are in the progress of converting Hardware Models page and Audits page into a single page application, this PR helps us to evaluate the steps necessary to convert a page to the SPA infrastructure and also allows us to see the benefits of an SPA architecture.

We will be glad to hear your thoughts on other features that we are currently working on:

  • Login Page is almost ready, the community feedback for the page raised a discussion with the Patternfly design team which is now leading to a refactoring of the component in Patternfly.
    Several backgrounds were suggested, so feel free to vote.
    ( discussion, PR )

  • Template Editor with a new design and features is in progress
    ( discussion, PR )

  • Replacing filters form autocomplete by our Autocomplete component is almost ready
    ( discussion, PR )

  • The UI Tour component is a way to present new features or for presenting a tutorial of a page, it raised a discussion for a user preferences mechanism in our app.
    ( discussion, PR )

  • Dual List is going to replace our multiple_selects after it is added to Patternfly.
    ( discussion, PR )

  • Expandable Component Architecture will bring the ability for plugins to alter pages on Foreman core.
    ( discussion, PR )