FDI - UEFI mode/kexec/framebuffer issues


I’m using Formean 1.24.2 / Katello 3.14 / FDI image 3.5.7.
I seem to have a similar issue posted in topic: How to change the screen resolution during fdi installation.
I’m setting up the provisioning of hosts configured with UEFI mode. I’m applying the same logic I have for the provisioning of BIOS legacy mode hosts, which is working, but in case of UEFI hosts when it comes to executing kexec the framebuffer gets screwed up. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s related to the way kexec is invoked, namely option --reset-vga. If I launch kexec manually without --reset-vga the framebuffer doesn’t get screwed up and the provisioning works well.
Is it possible to configure the kexec options and remove the --reset-vga?


Yes, this is possible. Edit “Discovery Red Hat kexec” template and that’s all. In fact, I am going to do the same for the next Foreman version. This option was added to actually help with this and your find is interesting.

Can you give me litle bit more detail about the hardware you have experienced this with?

Can you test also BIOS mode without this option if it does not bring problems?


Apologies, this value is hardcoded in the image in one of the components of smart proxy.

Patching this yourself will be tricky, just poke me next week after this is built in nightly and I can get you a FDI build which would contain the change.

Ok that was fast, packaging changes requested: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/pull/5354

I’m deploying HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 and Gen10 servers. Both have the same issue when it comes to kexec and framebuffer.
For now I’m creating a kexec wrapper script where I remove the --reset-vga option before calling the real kexec. It works fine on the above hardware in both legacy and UEFI modes.

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Ok if you don’t need me to create a nightly FDI for that, just wait for the next release then. Thanks for reporting back!

Thanks, I can wait for the next release.

Took me longer than I expected due to some issues with repositories but nightly FDI is finally out:


Try that and report back please.