How to change the screen resolution during fdi installation

Everything is fine until the installation starts, then the console output won’t be displayed correctly.

Expected outcome:
It is likely that the resolution must be changed to 800x600 so that the iLO Remote console will display the output correctly.

How can I change the screen resolution during fdi installation?

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-discovery-image version (and 3.5.1)

  • foreman-
  • foreman-bootloaders-redhat-201801241201-2.el7sat.noarch
  • foreman-bootloaders-redhat-tftpboot-201801241201-2.el7sat.noarch
  • foreman-proxy-content-3.4.5-15.el7sat.noarch

The problem is following:

Some graphic drivers renders console unusable after kexec. From image version 3.4.4 all KMS drivers were removed and kernel uses the default VGA 80x25 mode. Frozen console or graphic artifacts can be solved by choosing a different driver when using virtualization or selecting older hardware emulation version (VMWare version 4 or 5). When reporting graphic driver issues, attach “lsmod” output from discovered nodes and try to blacklist “kms” drivers as a workaround.

with the foreman-discovery-image version prior 3.4.4 it works.