Foreman 2.2 Schedule and Planning


With 2.1.0 coming soon, it’s time to talk about timelines and features for 2.2.

2.1 was branched last week, May 13th, and to keep up our 3-month release cadence that would mean we should branch for 2.2 on August 11th 2020.
As before, we will be doing a stabilization week prior to branching to ensure we have working nightlies when branching. Larger changes should be merged as early as possible in the release cycle, to ensure enough time to fix bugs prior to branching. Keep in mind that installer module changes should also be merged prior to the stabilization week. As we near the branching date, We shall ask your cooperation in focusing more on stabilizing and bug fixing and less on new features.

Event Date
2.2 Dev start May 14th
2.2 Half way point June 29th
2.2 Stabilization August 3rd
2.2 Branching August 11th
2.2 RC1 August 18th
2.2 RC2 RC3 September 1st 15th
2.2 RC4 October 22nd
2.2.0(GA) September 15th October 29th

If you have a significant change that you wish to get into 2.2, request to set the “Target Version” field on redmine at least for the main tracker for the bug. We also request maintainers to make sure that when merged, any major features are added to the “highlighted features” section on the manual, and any deprecation or changes in behavior are also added to the relevant sections. If you wish to discuss any plans, this post’s comments can and should be used for that.

Planned major changes (please add more and update status as we progress):

The versions of plugins and tools which are planned to be compatible with Foreman 2.2, request to add which you are aware about,

  • Katello 3.17
  • Hammer 2.2