[Foreman 3.0 + Katello] Puppet Class parameters not visible in sub host groups


After upgrading from Foreman 2.5 to Foreman 3.0 in which “Puppet Class params” are moved from “Parameters” tab to “Puppet ENC” tab i only see “Puppet Class Parameters” variables in root Host grups.
After adding child host group, section " Puppet Class Parameters" is empty. I can only see “Puppet Class Parameters” content in host configuration after adding host grup to host itself.

This is root host group:

And this is sub host group with parent set to root.

Expected outcome:

I should see all host group params like before upgrade.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman 3.0.1
Katello 4.2.1

Distribution and version:

Centos 8 Stream

Sound like the same/similiar problem we have: Foreman 3 - Puppet Class Parameters not shown in nested Hostgroups

Yes, in my case too if i set “Environment” to “Production”, i’m able to see Puppet Class Parameters but like in your case if it’s set to “Inherit…” Puppet Class Parameters are not visible in nested hostgroups.

It’s some kind of workaround but shold be fixed.