Foreman 3.2 on Ubuntu 22.04


I tried installing Foreman 3.2 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to see if the same isc-dhcp issue occurs in this ticket …

Foreman-proxy Failed to add DHCP reservation for new_vm - Support - TheForeman

… but the installer failed with this error:

Error while evaluating a Function Call, No preferred version defined or automatically detected. (file: /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/postgresql/manifests/globals.pp, line: 240, column: 5) on node

I’m assuming the installer isn’t supported on Ubuntu 22.04 yet. Its not listed in the drop down list for Quick Start > Installation > Select Operating System.

I was wondering if anyone has any updates (other than the workaround in the ticket 27091) on the isc-dhcp issue on Ubuntu 20.04 … or an ETA when Foreman can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 so we can check if the same isc-dhcp issue is still occurring?


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Not really an answer but support for 22.04 is tracked in Foreman on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy and it still looks like much work and dependencies missing.

Yeah, the biggest blockers being Foreman not yet supporting Ruby 3.0 and Puppet not yet having binaries for Ubuntu 22.04.


I’ve having issues with the “dirty” fix for the isc-dhcp-server issue on Ubuntu 20.04. As in the fix did not work for me with the service failing to start.

But thanks for the replies.