Foreman 3.6.0 is now available

Foreman 3.6 is now generally available (GA). Special thanks to everyone who contributed and took part in making this release ready.

Compared to the last release candidate the changes are small. A few tiny bugfixes, but nothing too exciting. See Release Foreman 3.6.0 · theforeman/ · GitHub for the diff. The biggest changes were more around plugins, where smart_proxy_ansible now properly works on Debian.

Packages may be found in the 3.6 directories on both and, and tarballs are on

The GPG key used for signing RPMs and tarballs has the following fingerprint:

The GPG key used for signing DEBs has the following fingerprint:


Katello users should be aware that 4.8 is not yet released. Due to a blocking bug in pulp_rpm 3.19 (which has since been resolved) it’s a bit behind Foreman. It is recommended for Katello users to hold off on upgrading.