Foreman 3.8 no "Schedule a job" Button for non admin users

After upgrading to Foreman 3.8 non admin users are not able to see the “Schedule a job” button anymore on the Host detail page or the Job Invocation page.
Is there any way to reenable this Button so that a non admin user is able to run Jobs again? (through permissions, patching a file,…)
Something similar I already mentioned in Foreman 3.6 no job category in new job invocation form

Expected outcome:
Non Admin User can see the “Schedule a job” button and are able the run jobs

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.8

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rehl 8.9

Other relevant data:

After adding the permission “edit_remote_execution_features” non admin users are able to see the button on the host detail page again. On the job invocation page it is still not shown.

Is the permission “edit_remote_execution_features” correct or shouldn’t it be used for this?
Is it possible to reenable the “Schedule a job” button (depending on the permissions) on host detail and job invocation page in the next release(s)?

Thanks for letting us know. This looks like a bug, I’ll be trying to fix it. The work around is indeed adding “edit_remote_execution_features” permission to the user.

Hi @MariaAga,
are there any news about the “run job” button?

It was merged to master, and after the holidays I will see into which version of REX it should get into

Ahh, perfect. Thank you :slight_smile: