foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 541 failed

Foreman RPM nightly pipeline failed:

foreman-nightly-centos7-test (failed)
foreman-nightly-centos8-test (failed)
foreman-nightly-centos7-upgrade-test (failed)

bats failed with an odd message:

not ok 9 assign puppet class to host
# (in test file fb-test-puppet.bats, line 84)
#   `hammer host update $pc_ids $id --name $(hostname -f)' failed with status 64
# Could not update the host:
#   Error: Too many arguments.
#   See: 'hammer host update --help'.

I assume this is related to:

@ehelms or @ekohl can you please take a look?

might also be related to

The forklift change was present when a number of pipelines passed. Are we sure it’s not this change:

Looks like this had to do with how the bats test parsed the help output to dervice a parameter. I propose we just explicitly set this:

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