Release meeting notes 2020-04-27

Retrospective for 2.0:

What didn’t go well:

  • Very long release cycle. We tried branching right before conferences, which didn’t work and caused significant delay in branching.
  • The first two RCs had known issues with upgrades. We now have upgrade testing in the release pipelines that would have caught that.
  • The manual needs more focus
  • a lot of back and forth between people, possibly related to changes in release engineer rotation
  • missing permissions for some ruby gems caused delays
  • lots of issues with plugins that weren’t caught due to no green nightlies for a long time prior to release.
  • inter-dependencies between plugins required releases of multiple plugins for compatibility.
  • decision to bump hammer major release right before branching led to issues due to dependencies.
  • some installer modules weren’t release on time
  • doing a retro after two months makes remembering everything hard

What did go well:

  • Having more frequent release meetings and going over status open issues was useful
  • Collaboration between the different people involved in the release has improved
  • We managed to get in significant changes, even if the cost was small delays.
  • Making a major version with breaking changes is important, we should do these more often - perhaps once a year
  • No major issues reported after GA, seems stable. RC testing appear to have caught all major problems.