Foreman_salt maintainer needed


I released the latest state of all foreman_salt branches and updated the DEBs, RPM PRs are open. For 1.17+ this should enable installation and updating again, however I’m quite sure that at least the fact/grain import is broken and probably a lot more.

Long story short: If nobody steps up to update and main foreman_salt, I’ll advocate to yank the plugin from the nightly and 1.18 repos and after some time close/archive everything related to it.

I’m wary of volunteering, as I do have a lot on at the moment. But I can definitely help test now that I’m back to work - I run Salt here at home, so there’s a production system I can try things on.

I’ve packaged both RPMs and Debs and am using the foreman_salt plugin. I’m happy to do what I can to help out if I know exactly what is needed. Does this just involve working on the bugs in the issue tracker?

Thanks @James_Shewey!

Primarily yes. I think it breaks down into 3-4 parts:

  1. Minimal - Make sure the core functionality works, fix critical bugs
  2. Preferred - Respond to / handle less-critical bugs
  3. Nice-to-have - Adding new features / refactoring old code
  4. On-the-side - CI/testing/packaging

Start with (1) and of course I’ll help testing PRs. (2) and (3) will come as you get comfortable in the codebase (and have time). For (4) there is already packages and a CI job, so there’s not too much to handle unless dependencies change etc. The most important thing, though, is responsiveness - and I see plenty of evidence that this won’t be an issue :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re up for it then, start with (1) - the rest comes with time and experience as a maintainer. I’ll log some issues in the tracker regarding some things I learned at CfgMgmt from the Salt room. Feel free to pick my brains anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the status of the foreman_salt integration? Does it still work for 1.17?

@James_Shewey are you still interested in taking this on?

Yes. I know that there are at least a few issues with 1.16. I’ve got two projects ahead of this at the office that are wrapping up, but then I will be able to sink some good time into working on/patching over the next few weeks.

I would recommend using salt 2017.7. I think that resolves at least one bug in the tracker with 2018 that I can’t seem to find any longer that I think was caused by an upstream bug slated for 2018.3.1.

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