ForemanCon Day 2

Tuesday, November 16


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Can you please reply to this thread with some information about your talks? So that people know what they have to look forward to. A few sentences is fine !

Thank you @mcorr
My talk is Foreman SCC Manager Redesign and updates
I will introduce the Foreman (SUSE Customer Center) SCC manager, a plugin that allows to import SUSE products into Katello using a custom SUSE account. We are currently working on a redesign of the product selection page of this plugin. Right now it a very basic selection tree that is not very user friendly. So I will explain the considerations we had when planning the redesign and how we decided to change the page. Finally, I will give a short outlook on other ongoing topics that we plan to tackle in the future (e.g. CI, Katello 4.2 compliance).


My talk is about improvements of OpenSCAP integration with Foreman. The new feature is a support of scanning based on OVAL definitions, so I will be talking about what will be available in an upcoming Foreman release.

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Katello: State of Debian Support:
Looking at the features that are currently supported regarding Debian (APT)-Repositories in Katello (probably including which version they came in).
What were the issues that made it take so long.
Current challenges and what features will (probably) come soon(-ish).

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How to use Katello’s generic content type framework

Katello’s generic content type framework is used to implement support for a content type by just listing key information in the content type’s registration file. I’ll be going over which information is needed in the registration file, using the Python content type as an example. I’ll show some pieces of the implementation or UI for some content, but mostly I will talk about how to use the registration file. This is aimed at developers who want to use this framework to support a content type.

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The new host details page - how to extend it from plugins
In this workshop, we will dive into the host detail page from the developer’s perspective, we will talk about the extension points, slot & fill, card template, API middleware, and more in a live coding session. Basic knowledge of react is recommended.


Here is the Google Meet for the two days

This starts in one hour!

We are just starting

This starts in five minutes!

@Dirk please re-join I accidentally denied you access as I was typing into the chat window and pressed space.

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Thank you @mcorr for hosting the event! Kudos.


Thank you @mcorr , great event!


Thank you @mcorr for hosting it :+1: :+1:
where can I find the recordings?

You can find links in the agenda. This was sitting as a draft because I have one more to add. It failed (I think because I was adding too many at the same time). I will also put together a blog summary!

Perfect, thanks!

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