Heads up: One month to 1.23 dev freeze

Per Foreman 1.23 schedule and planning, we are one month away from the start of stabilization week for the 1.23 release. As mentioned in that post, this date might be delayed if there is no proper solution found for improving the webpack build process to ensure plugin stability and compatibility.

Please try to shift your focus to getting open PRs merged rather than starting new work that may not be ready in time.

Some highlights to remember:

  1. Installer modules will be released before the beginning of the stabilization week rather than right prior to branching the installer, to make sure nothing breaks right when we’re about to branch.
  2. Changes accepted during stabilization week will be limited to fixing significant issues found during the week.
  3. Large changes will not be merged right before the stabilization week. Larger changes bring with them bigger risks of things breaking and delaying our ability to release RC1 quickly after branching, so should be merged earlier in the development cycle.
  4. Plugin maintainers are highly encouraged to test their plugins against nightlies prior and during stabilization week and report any compatibility issues found.

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation in ensuring we are able to deliver stable and timely releases for all of our users.

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