Foreman 1.23 schedule and planning


With 1.22.0 coming soon, it’s time to talk about timelines and features for 1.23, since we’re nearly at the half-way point already.

1.22 was branched on April 21st, and to keep up our 3-month release cadence that would mean we should branch for 1.23 on July 21st.
As before, we will be doing a stabilization week prior to branching to ensure we have working nightlies when branching. Larger changes should be merged as early as possible in the release cycle, to ensure enough time to fix bugs prior to branching. As we near the branching date, I will ask your cooperation in focusing more on stabilizing and bug fixing and less on new features.

Proposed schedule for 1.23:

Event Date
1.23 Dev Start April 21st
1.23 Half Way Point June 7th
1.23 Stabilization July 14th 21st
1.23 Branch July 21st 30th
1.23 RC1 July 25th August 6th
1.23 RC2 August 7th 27th
1.23.0 August 21st September 10th :crossed_fingers:

Like with the previous posts, I’ll make this one a wiki so we can collaborate on the list of features people want to see in this release. Please update the list below with any major changes you plan for this release so everyone is aware of them.

Suggested features for 1.23:

  • Password bcrypt hash (issue, docs)
  • Cloud-init nocloud (issue, docs in the PR)
  • Web components mounter (issue, docs - with PR refs)
  • foreman_ansible will start using ansible-runner as default engine (existing users will need to explicitly switch)

Foreman plugins that closely follow the same schedule (Please add others you think should be in):

  • Katello 3.13

Considering issues we have had in past couple of releases regarding webpack consumption in plugins leading to broken builds, we will be blocking the 1.23 branching until the new solution for providing shared libraries to both foreman and plugins is merged and the build process for both foreman core and plugins is updated accordingly.


Despite the progress done so far, we still don’t have a working and tested solution for the webpack build. This means we will postpone all upcoming dates by a week right now in the hope that we will have a working build this week. Please follow this space for further updates regarding timelines.

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