How to enable or disable a host within Katello

Problem: I can enable or disable a host via API. How can a host be enabled or disabled via the GUI? Where within the GUI can a host be enabled or disabled?

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: |foreman-tasks|The goal of this plugin is to unify the way of showing task statuses across the Foreman instance. It defines Task model for keeping the information about the tasks and Lock for assigning the tasks to resources. The locking allows dealing with preventing multiple colliding tasks to be run on the same resource. It also optionally provides Dynflow infrastructure for using it for managing the tasks.|Ivan NeÄŤas|5.1.1|
| — | — | — | — |
|Ansible integration with Foreman|Daniel Lobato Garcia|6.4.1|
|A Foreman plugin to support inplace RHEL 7 → RHEL 8 upgrades with Leapp utility.|Foreman Leapp team|0.1.7|
|Allow assigning Puppet environmets and classes to the Foreman Hosts.|Ondřej Ezr and Shira Maximov|1.0.5|
|A plugin bringing remote execution to the Foreman, completing the config management functionality with remote management functionality.|Foreman Remote Execution team|4.8.0|
|Katello adds Content and Subscription Management to Foreman. For this it relies on Candlepin and Pulp.|N/A|4.2.2|

Distribution and version: katello-4.2.2

Other relevant data:

I asked the question then found the answer. To enable or disable a host within Katello from the GUI, go to Hosts → select host and edit, go to tab “Additional Information” – the parameter is on the second line.

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Side note: We’re trying to make user interactions easier on the host list page. If you’re willing to provide some more feedback you may be interested in RFC: Combining host index pages (All hosts, Content hosts) - bulk actions

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