How-To retrieve underlying Pulp tasks for Katello users

It is a frequent occurrence that a Foreman Task fails because the underlying Pulp Task has failed or timed out.

In such situations it is often helpful to retrieve the Pulp task for further debugging.

I am no expert on how best to achieve this as a Katello user, who is not set up for direct Pulp interactions.

If someone could share some step by step instructions how Katello users should go about retrieving Pulp task information, that would be great!

Ideally the instructions should include where to find the Pulp task ID, and how to use it to retrieve the task, including any needed authentication etc.


There is the correlation id (CID, request ID, …) which is shared between foreman and pulp tasks. But to gather information about pulp tasks, there is probably no way around “direct pulp interactions”.
You might get some ideas from the talk “Pulp 3 introduction for Katello users - exploring the backend and tracing issues” at the foreman birthday party.