Foreman Birthday Party 2021

This is a placeholder for the upcoming Foreman Birthday Party hosted by Netways and @Dirk.

Save the date. More info to come.


I want to add some information here so you all can plan even we are still in an early stage of planning.

We (in the sense of NETWAYS, ATIX and the Foreman Project) want to celebrate another year of Foreman. It is actually the 12th birthday and the seventh party we will have. Unfortunatly it seems Corona will still be around in the summer, so we decided to have an online event.

We want to have 5-6 30 minute talks and I (perhaps with some support) will moderate the event as live stream on youtube. But as the event also always was not only about the talks and knowledge, but also a social get-together we do want to provide some option to chat during the talks and breaks and have some social event afterwards.

If you like to give a talk please get in touch with me as I am in charge for planing this year (here in the community or via email. We aim for a wide variety on talks, be it a new plugin or some new tricks for an old one, a case study showing your environment, about Foreman itself, Katello/Satellite/Orcharhino, Pulp, Candlepin or even Puppet and Ansible or the Community. Everything related to Foreman will be considered. We plan to have all talks pre-recorded and will provide guidance for doing so. After the talk we want to give everyone the chance to ask questions, so the speaker can answer them live.

For the social event we plan to have some fun together. We already have some ideas, but I will wait for how some of them work at stackconf and which experience the NETWAYS events team makes on this event before I announce any details.