Infrastructure Sig Meeting 2021-12-09


As discussed last time, we’ll use a new format for this meeting. We’ll go over the board. New cards can be added in the Untriaged column. This can be turned into an issue.

It is noted that you need certain permissions to add a card/issue to the board. For now we work around it by having SIG members add the cards.

Topic without updates won’t be mentioned in this summary.

In Progress

Document old Debian release archival

How to add new releases was documented, but removing old hasn’t been documented yet.

Migrate to new infra

Test jobs work using the provided nodes. External nodes haven’t been tried yet, but there’s no reason to believe they won’t. The next step is to create a new bot account so no personal accounts are used.

Remove kkoji alias

We’ve waited long enough to propagate ensure => absent, can now proceed. Moved to the To Do column.

To Do

Replace exim Puppet module

Converted from card to issue. Also provided some context.

Project missing LICENSE

We agree we should have a license in our repository, but we’re not sure what license. We’re leaning to GPL since Foreman itself is GPL licensed, but we may need to get some legal advice if we can do that.

CentOS 9 Stream Support

A box was added to forklift so it’s possible to start playing with this. That will also help once we open up pipelines.

Investigate Azure FOSS credits

Odilion is working on it. Issue is moved to In Progress. We can’t assign it since he isn’t part of the project, which is another permission issue to look into.

Testing limits on CentOS CI

Defined a future: protect ourselves against running out of resources or blocking multiple pipelines. Azure FOSS may be an option.

On a technical level we need vagrant to work. This can work with vagrant-libvirt (as we do today), vagrant-openstack (which we’ve done in the past) or some other backend.

Priority was lowered since there are no immediate problems and it’s more about future proofing.

Allow use of Jenkinsfiles

Moved to In progress


Automation of package bumping

Ondrej started the effort to automatically open PRs when a new gem is released. Initially this is scoped to just Foreman plugins but it could be used for any package. See for the whole discussion.

RSS statistics

Tomer currently has a recurring reminder to parse the webserver logs to get the statistics of the RSS feed. Since Foreman 1.18 this is read by Foreman (opt-out) which is used to understand the adoption of new Foreman versions.

While working on this, privacy of users should be respected. We only log a very minimal amount (just the Foreman version). The IPs are hashed during processing but they are needed to check for uniqueness of instances.

When we move the website behind the Fastly CDN, the logging setup will need to be changed. See as well.

All of this work should become responsibility of the Infra SIG

Discourse maintenance and management

Currently Tomer takes care of this, but this responsibility should shift to the Infrastructure SIG. See the issue for details.


We’re at time. There were more issues but we didn’t get around to it. There’s no reason for people to wait for the next SIG: just comment on it or move things on the board. If you’re missing permissions, let us know. That also goes for any other thoughts you might have.