Infrastructure SIG Meeting Notes 2021-11-04

These are the notes from the meeting. See our living SIG document for all the background.

People present: @ehelms (chair), @ekohl, @evgeni, @mcorr, @odilhao, @pcreech

Various updates

Since our last meeting a few updates have been posted as logs:

Tracking issues on foreman-infra

In the previous meeting’s notes @ekohl created issues for all action items. Based on that @ehelms proposes to move away from the living SIG document on hackmd. Instead, all work will be tracked in GitHub issues (and milestones if needed) in the foreman-infra repository.

Redmine migration

No update

Migrate setup to OpenShift

Migration Was blocked on a lack of Ansible. After a bit of yak shaving, @evgeni and Fabian (from CentOS) this got resolved together with other improvements. @evgeni was able to launch a pipeline but that failed somewhere. Needs further debugging. will also be shut down “soon”. This increases the priority.

An open question was whether we can attach external nodes. @evgeni says this should be possible since the storage is non-empheral, but it hasn’t been tried.

We are responsible for backing up the new OpenShift instance. Maybe not needed if we can automatically reprovision.

Testing limits with

No update

Document archiving old Debian releases

No update

Auto-building Debian on PR merge

This is implemented and can be marked resolved.

Rackspace migration

For other tasks we’re running into the problem that our Foreman is too old. Migration would help.

Rebuilding Koji

Andrew was working on this, but had to pull back due to a lack of time

Use of Jenkinsfiles

No update

New Sponsor (Conova)

During the previous meeting we decided to rename the host but haven’t gotten around to it. It’s still running smoothly.

CDN for the website

No update

RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure

Within Red Hat some internal emails were sent and Patrick has received a huge email with steps forward. The short summary is that we can use RHEL for Koji but can’t let anyone retrieve the RHEL bits. This means we need to store them locally on our Koji.

Action Item: @ehelms will set up a dedicated meeting for using RHEL on Koji

No update

Move prprocessor to shared infra

The prprocessor has gained the ability to set Fixed in version in Redmine for stable branches (cherry picks):

During this it came up that the prprocessor is something few people know about but it can be considered vital to our workflows.

Action Item: @ekohl create a post about what prprocessor is and what it can do

Space on web01

No updates

CentOS 9 Stream

Like at our last meeting, it’s not formally announcement but there should be containers and the mirrors are available. There are no vagrant boxes yet.

Azure credits for FOSS

@odilhao Checked what Azure asks for. That’s

  • A Code of Conduct: ours suffices
  • A list of our current sponsors and what they do. Foreman needs to be sent.

Then once it’s approved, sponsorship lasts a year and can be renewed each year. Review takes generally about 2 weeks.

NPM install times

@ekohl suggests that a month ago we improved our node setup (New Jenkins node, removed fast label from OSUOSL nodes). Perhaps that’s sufficient?

@evgeni thinks we install too much. For example, the storybook pulls in a lot. package.json lacks the capability to define groups as bundler does. Perhaps yarn does.

There is some talk about switching from NPM to Yarn but it’s not something Infra can do.

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Thank you so much for looking into slow NPM.