Infrastructure SIG meeting 2023-12-21

This is the last SIG meeting of the year.


Investigate Copr as the build system · Issue #1795 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

We now build 3.9 & nightly in COPR, so this can be marked as done.

Some remaining items to smooth out:

Allow building on RHEL in our Koji setup · Issue #1670 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

This is solved via the COPR migration. We now need to update various packit configs because they still target centos-stream-8 instead of rhel-8. Right now we don’t have good tooling to bulk update those.

It was noticed that we no longer find build issues in CentOS Stream, like Fix foreman_ygg_worker build on CentOS 9-stream by sbernhard · Pull Request #9962 · theforeman/foreman-packaging · GitHub. We can consider building both on RHEL and CentOS Stream, but only publish from RHEL.

Rebuild Koji in new infrastructure and with new architecture · Issue #1435 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

With the move to COPR this won’t happen anymore. After Foreman 3.8 is EOL we can decommission the Koji setup: Decomission Koji setup · Issue #2006 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Allow use of Jenkinsfiles · Issue #1683 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Because of the move to GitHub Actions (Convert Foreman & plugins continuous integration to GitHub Actions) this is closed.

Decommission · Issue #1919 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

The machine has been turned off and our Scaleway account has been deleted.

In progress

Set up a Monitoring System · Issue #471 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@evgeni has taken over and played with Zabbix. Still not quite ready for a POC, but good progress has been made.

Investigate Azure's FOSS credits program · Issue #1671 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@Odilhao is sharing credentials with @cintrix84. If other developers have a use for this, they should reach out. @Odilhao should set up documentation for this process.

move EL Jenkins nodes to EL9 · Issue #1706 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Getting more important: Update ruby 2.7 to 2.7.8 by wbclark · Pull Request #2001 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@Odilhao noticed some rpmlint issue on EL8 and will create an issue to track this.

redmine:production.log is not rotated and grows indefinetly · Issue #1989 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

New issue. Now worked around locally. In fix SELinux context of Redmine logs so that logrotate works by evgeni · Pull Request #1990 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub @ekohl suggested to start logging to journald instead of a file, avoiding the need for logrotate altogether.

To do

Replace exim Puppet module (or exim) · Issue #1692 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

The Exim module is now unused and can be dropped: Drop exim module by ekohl · Pull Request #2005 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

I am +1 for this as I was the one arguing for CentOS Stream initial exactly because of this.