Infrastructure SIG meeting 2024-04-18


move EL Jenkins nodes to EL8 · Issue #2020 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

There was also some preparation work for EL9 nodes, which is tracked in move EL Jenkins nodes to EL9 · Issue #1706 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub.

Drop most Foreman plugin tests by ekohl · Pull Request #420 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub

Perhaps belongs more on GitHub Actions conversion · GitHub, so it’s been added there too. Now few tests run anymore, making our Jenkins fairly quiet. Still Foreman & Katello CI remaining, but once Convert Foreman & plugins continuous integration to GitHub Actions is complete that should also be gone. After that, just package building and packaging pipelines will remain.

switch duffy provisioning to CentOS Stream 9 boxes by evgeni · Pull Request #441 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub

With the Stream 8 EOL coming up, we switched our box to Stream 9 at the request of the CentOS CI people.

We still have an EL8 container in CentOS CI. Unsure how it’ll be updated. We may also want to prioritize stop using centos jenkins now that Duffy API is available on the Internet · Issue #1828 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub.

In progress

redmine:production.log is not rotated and grows indefinetly · Issue #1989 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

We had another incident where manual intervention was needed to resolve downtime. Priority has been increased.

split and move web to EL9 · Issue #1724 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

Drop Google Analytics from our website by ekohl · Pull Request #2136 · theforeman/ · GitHub was spun off from this effort. This was approved and no concerns raised. Merged during the meeting.

Investigate Azure's FOSS credits program · Issue #1671 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

There was an email from Azure we need to renew our credits (as every year). @evgeni will follow up with @Odilhao.

Replace RVM on Jenkins nodes · Issue #2021 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub

@ehelms worked on a PR to start using it: Test using rbenv for foreman-installer tests by ehelms · Pull Request #442 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub

That locally works when tried manually, but doesn’t through Jenkins jobs: Test using rbenv for foreman-installer tests by ehelms · Pull Request #442 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub. Further discussion there.

CentOS 7 / 8 EOL

Background: End dates are coming for CentOS Stream 8 and CentOS Linux 7 –

We have: