Infrastructure SIG Meeting Notes 2021-04-01

Infrastructure SIG


  • Introduction
  • State of Initiatives
    • Completed
  • New Business

Areas of Care

  • Underlying Infrastructure management
  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins Jobs
  • Redmine
  • Website and webservers
  • DNS
  • Foreman and puppetserver
  • Koji


  • Moving katello repositories to
  • limits with testing matrix
  • New debian signing key
  • Fix Koji space issue
  • CentOS 8 Stream
  • Archiving old Debian releases
  • Auto-building Debian on PR merge
  • Netways Jenkins node migration
  • Rackspace migration of Jenkins
  • Rackspace migration of Foreman/puppetserver
  • Redmine migration
  • Rebuilding Koji
  • Use of Jenkinsfiles
  • New sponsor
  • CDN for website


Moving katello repositories to

  • Katello repositories as of 4.0 and nightly are publishing to
    • Katello 3.17 and 3.18 are still served from fedorapeople
  • Action Items
    • what do we want to do with the old releases on fedorapeople?
      • Leave them there
    • when do we want to stop publishing to fedorapeople?
      • Now for nightly [evgeni]
      • Remove nightly from fedorapeople [ehelms]
        • Try to keep the katello-repos RPM so users end up on the new repositories
    • Add deprecation note to fedorapeople [ehelms] limits with testing matrix

  • Current
    • Jenkins node owned by
      • Request bare metal machines from Duffy
      • Limited to 6/8 parallel machines from Duffy
      • Each OS - install,upgrade pairing requests a machine from Duffy to run a Vagrant pipeline on
    • We end up having 2 jobs rejected when a pipeline runs and it fails
  • Will need to scale to additional OSes:
    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • Debian 11
    • CentOS 8 Stream (would eventually replace CentOS 8)
  • Proposals
    1. Split our release pipelines similar to the nightly split [blocker to adding 2+ new OSes]
      • Schedule EL pipeline, if that succeeds schedule the Debian pipeline
      • Ground work done to enable the split, next step is to split the jobs
        2. Reduce combinations that are run, only a single Debian
        3. Run all installs first, if they pass, run all upgrade jobs
    2. Is there other infrastructure we could explore using available to us?
      • Exploring what IBM cloud might could give us
        • Reasonably priced virt instances
        • Able to run vagrant on top of them
        • Performance comparable to
      • Exploring Conova supplying HP boxes
    3. Look into throttling inside Jenkins

Debian Signing Key needs extension

  • Expires at the end of March 2021
  • Last time:
    • Extended the expiration date
  • Action Items
    * Extend the key for 2.4
    • Build a plan to rotate to a new key for nightly+ (target the Foreman 3.0 release stream)
    • Document how to extend the key

Koji running out of space

CentOS Stream

  • How to handle build and release on CentOS Stream
    • Foreman is released against CentOS 8
    • Katello is not released against CentOS 8
  • Build
    • Use snapshotted stream repos or use bleeding edge?
  • Release
    • Need to target a Foreman release for CentOS 8 stream release
  • Now available as a base box in Forklift
  • Action Items
    • Run local pipeline tests to uncover any issues before adding to pipelines
    • Add CentOS 8 stream to pipeline tests
      • Given nightly pipelines are split across EL and Debian, we should not hit the limits
    • Foreman 2.4 and Katello 4.0 will release on CentOS 8
    • Wait on migrating infrastructure servers till more clarity with Stream

Archiving Old Debian Releases

Owner: evgeni

  • Discussion
  • Freight scans old archives on every run back to Foreman 1.2; increase speed of Debian builds
  • Proposal
    • Pick a date, and archive everything up to Foreman 2.0
    • Continue to expose the archives on an archive site
    • Add to release procedure to archive N-5 version
  • Action Items
    ~~ * Build archive site up to Foreman 2.0
    • Pick an archive date
      • March 8th
      • All Foreman 1.X releases (~45 GB)~~
    • Add to release procedure to archive N-5 version

Auto-building Debian on PR merge


  • Need to automate the Debian release logic
  • Current jobs are hard to follow when they fail
  • Action Items
    • Step 1
      • Re-write the debian build jobs into pipelines that follow the RPM job pattern
    • Step 2
      • Enable auto-build on PR merge

Rackspace migration

  • Currently needs migration

    • Jenkins
    • Foreman/puppetserver
  • Jenkins

    • Owner: ewoud
    • New hostname:
    • Action Items:
      • Create new machine in OSUOSL with CentOS 7
      • Add it to Foreman
      • Assign the right Hostgroup
      • Take an outage window
        • Mark nodes as in maintenance mode in old Jenkins
        • Sync over /var/lib/jenkins
        • Take all but one node out of maintenance mode on old Jenkins
      • Turn on new Jenkins
        • Turn on one node
      • Run a test job
        • Run a nightly pipeline
      • Pick switchover date
        • Target Date: Sometime before Foreman 2.5 branching
        • Lower TTL day or two before target date
        • Update DNS
  • Foreman/puppetserver

    • Owner: ewoud
    • New hostname:
    • Action Items:
      • Split into two virtual machines
      • Manage Foreman with Puppet
        • Write up classes to manage Foreman
        • Put puppet in noop mode
        • Iterate until configuration looks sound, applies cleanly
        • Move puppet out of noop mode
      • Create new machine in OSUOSL with CentOS 7
      • Add new machine to the existing Foreman
        • apply puppet
      • Pick switchover date
        • Target date:
        • Lower TTL day or two before target date
      • Dump database on
      • Copy files
        • Certificates
        • ??
      • Restore database on new machine
      • Update DNS

Redmine migration

Owner: ??

  • Run on Scaleways currently
    • Sponsoring ceased
    • Migrate to OSUOSL
      • Maybe conova?
  • Current Redmine version: 3.Y
  • Redmine Git Instance
  • Action Items
    • Build out migration plan
    • Test Redmine upgrade locally
    • Upgrade to EL8
      • RHEl 8? if RH gives clarity on open source project usage
      • CentOS 8 Stream otherwise
    • Upgrade Redmine to 4.Y

Rebuilding Koji


  • Rebuilding Koji
  • Koji is a big ole machine
    • current Koji has server, builder, database all-in-one
    • requires a separate builder to handle EL8
    • is not managed by any config management
  • Server/hostnames:
  • Action Items
    • Build a new environment with config management, and then migrate into the new environment
    • Manage Koji through standard means in Foreman
    • Migrate to a new disk format
      • current disk format cannot grow beyond it’s current size
      • Steps
        • Create new disk
        • Migrate data to new disk

Use of Jenkinsfiles

Owner: ewoud

  • Prerequisite: Convert all jobs to pipeline style
  • Giving projects control of building their own Jenkins jobs through a Jenkinsfile in the repository
  • Discussion
  • Will require moving to shared libraries instead of composed JJB
    • Still requires storing job definitions in JJB in foreman-infra
  • How to deal with secrets?
    • Does Jenkinsfile or Multi-branch PR have builtin for this?
  • Idea
    • Spin up a Jenkins server on OSUOSL and test the workflow

New Sponsor

Owner: evgeni

  • Conova offered compute resource
  • VMWare based infrastructure, vCloud
    • Difference between vCloud vs vSphere
      • yes, there is
      • APIs have similar function, but are different and cannot attach Foreman to it
  • How could we make use of this infrastructure?
    • Could add more nodes and reduce slots on existing nodes
    • Could shift AWS nodes to this new infrastructure
  • Asked for 16 vCPU and 40 GB memory
    • Waiting on reply

CDN for the Website

Owner: evgeni

  • Need to fix RSS and CDN issue in order to server website via CDN
  • Pre-work completed
  • Action items
    • RSS statistics via CDN
      • Move RSS to a dedicated host
      • CDN log request independently
        • Amazon S3
        • SFTP with locked down user on the webserver

RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure

  • 200 subscriptions by default, can be extended
  • Three parts:
    • Building in Koji against RHEL (are we allowed to host the RHEL repos under ROSI?)
      • Testing in CI for user support
    • Running Foreman infrastructure on RHEL
  • Long Term Goal:
    • Build on RHEL 8
    • Test against CentOS 8 Stream
    • Test on RHEL 8
    • Support implicitly RHEL clones

Completed Items

  • Where to track infrastructure updates? [DONE]
    • Development discourse topic?
      • Sub-topic “Infrastructure”
  • Schedule Next Meeting [DONE]
  • Post Discourse tracking posts for each initiative [DONE]
    • Track updates


Owners: ehelms, ewoud

  • Where to move and store documentation for infrastructure?
    • docs/ directory in foreman-infra written in markdown
      • Source that is outside of our infrastructure
    • auto-publish to github pages to publish docs
  • Action Item
    • Create docs/ directory [ehelms]
    • Migrate wiki pages from Redmine [ehelms]
    • Reviews

Webserver migration

  • Owner: Evgeni
  • web02 on Rackspace
  • New machine running in OSUOSL
    • Receives mirrors of yum content
    • Debian content mirroring in progress
  • Action Item
    • Final sync of content
      • Copy over Tomer’s homedir
    • Switchover
      • Target Date: 9/28 - EMEA morning
    • Shutdown web02
      • Target Date: 9/29
    • Destroy
      • Taget Date: 10/5

ARM Builders

Owner: evgeni

  • Two currently running on Scaleways
  • Community member raised sponsoring new ARM servers on AWS
    • Access controls a concern due to Debian push
  • ARM builds disabled as of 2.1
  • Action Item
    • Decide if keeping ARM
      • Proposal: Drop the ARM builds, announce that to discourse
        • Turn ARM machines off in Scaleway
        • Remove ARM machines from Scaleway

Moving to GH Actions from Travis for Puppet Modules

Owner: ewoud

Open ticket to OSUOSL about slow network connections

Owner: evgeni

  • File a ticket with details on network connection
  • Fixed itself

foreman-infra cleanup, ci/ directory

Owner: ehelms

Netways Jenkins Node Migration

owner: evgeni/ewoud

  • Current node will be decomissioned ~couple of weeks
  • Hostname:
  • Action Items
    • Need to re-create Jenkins node in their Openstack environment
    • Delete old Jenkins node on their old infrastructure

Watch or listen back here:

I have started wok on this task to drop the use of fedorapeople. See PR for details and to give input.

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This is now complete. Given there is no createrepo on fedorapeople machine, we will just leave nightly as is which means even though old content may exist there, anyone using the katello-repos RPM from nightly will end up with a repository setup to pull from

Katello 3.17, 3.18 and 4.0 will continue to publish to fedorapeople. Nightly and 4.1+ will only be published to

I have Started writing the Ansible playbooks/roles for this. I am basing it off the CentOS projects Koji Code. You can track progress here Once the code is in a good state Ill open a PR to merge it into The Foreman repo.

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Awesome! Should it work with EL7 and EL8? I wanted to give it a go against a VM to see if in action.

It should but the code it not 100% done yet ATM it installs the web service and db service, that’s as far as I got, but the Idea is to be able to run this via Ansible Core or Foreman