Infrastructure SIG Meeting notes 2022-03-03

Present: @evgeni (chair), @ekohl (notes), @pcreech, @melcorr, @ezr-ondrej, @Odilhao, @Zhunting

In progress

Remove kkoji alias from Jenkins nodes and Puppet manifests

Actually resolved and moved to done

Migrate to new infra on OpenShift

On Tuesday @evgeni and @ekohl met with the CentOS CI folks. They’re looking into making the setup more robust, with the option to burst on the cloud. Mostly because the current hardware is from 2014 and out of warranty. We gave our input for our requirements.

It is still favorable to move away from the legacy instance to an openshift hosted instance. @evgeni will move forward with this

Investigate Azure’s FOSS credits program

@Odilhao filled in the form, now waiting for feedback from Azure

The question comes up whether nested virtualization is supported. That is in some regions, but you need to run Windows. This means it can’t be used for our CI pipelines.

Automation of packaging bumping plugins and dependencies

@ekohl tried to resolve the python-semver issue, but the fix was incomplete. Will need further work.

To do

Create a release view via JJB

@ekohl opened but it really belongs in a different project now. Issue is closed.

Testing limits with

Not really anything actionable anymore. We’ve discussed it with the CentOS CI folks and the issue can be closed. @evgeni will do this after the meeting.


move web to EL8 was merged, so it should work in theory. Verification is needed and then an actual migration. Created an issue

There is some discussion if the server should be split. A full disk because of deb now affects yum as well. The alternative is to implement monitoring.


Migrate Discourse off of Scaleway VM

Moved to To do

Need a new owner for Discourse

Moved to To do

move web to EL8

Moved to To do


New Sponsor - Conova

Archived since the remaining work is split into multiple cards.

Discourse maintenance and management

Archived since the remaining work is split into multiple cards.

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