Install of Foreman-Katello fails at "/Stage[main]/Candlepin::Service/Exec[cpinit]: Starting to evaluate the resource"

Running “foreman-installer --scenario katello” fails at “/Stage[main]/Candlepin::Service/Exec[cpinit]: Starting to evaluate the resource”.

Expected outcome:
Installer progresses successfully.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman 1.16 with katello 3.5
foreman 1.17 with katello 3.6

Other relevant data:
[ INFO 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] /Stage[main]/Candlepin::Service/Service[tomcat]: Evaluated in 0.02 seconds
[ INFO 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] /Stage[main]/Candlepin::Service/Exec[cpinit]: Starting to evaluate the resource
[DEBUG 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] Execcpinit: Executing ‘/usr/bin/wget --no-proxy --timeout=30 --tries=40 --wait=20 --retry-connrefused -qO- http://localhost:8080/candlepin/admin/init > /var
/log/candlepin/cpinit.log 2>&1 && touch /var/lib/candlepin/cpinit_done’
[DEBUG 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] Executing: ‘/usr/bin/wget --no-proxy --timeout=30 --tries=40 --wait=20 --retry-connrefused -qO- http://localhost:8080/candlepin/admin/init > /var/log/candlepin/cpinit.log 2>&
1 && touch /var/lib/candlepin/cpinit_done’
[ERROR 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] ‘/usr/bin/wget --no-proxy --timeout=30 --tries=40 --wait=20 --retry-connrefused -qO- http://localhost:8080/candlepin/admin/init > /var/log/candlepin/cpinit.log 2>&1 && touch /var/lib/candlepin/cpinit_done’ returned 8 instead of one of [0]
[ERROR 2018-05-03 11:21:53 main] /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/util/errors.rb:157:in `fail’


root umask: 0022

cat /etc/hosts localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
10.xx.xx.xx katello-master.resourcesdev.internal katello-master

The issue here was attempting to put the candlepin database on an external server running PostgreSQL 10. Downgrading the external database to PostgreSQL 9.6 allowed the installation to progress past this point.

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