Is foreman-maintain supported on Ubuntu?

I just read about foreman-maintain. Is this utility supported on Ubuntu? I notice that the plugin isn’t available either the in the foreman-installer or packages plugin installation methods, which makes me think it’s primarily intended for the RHEL/CentOS crowd.

I know about the ‘Advanced Installation from Gems’ method of installing plugins, but if the utility doesn’t work well on Ubuntu, I shouldn’t go down that road.

@mbacovsky can you please share the status on this?

@Stefan_Lasiewski, the tool is not supported on Ubuntu yet but it is planed in relatively short future. The tool relies heavily on detection of Foreman and plugins configuration from installed packages and file system which both are distro-specific. Recently we added a layer that allows us to add support for deb packages and started with first test runs on Ubuntu.

Are there any specific features of foreman-maintain that you are interested in? It may help us to prioritize properly.

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I’m mainly interested in the ability to easily take clean backups, but would also like an easy way to monitor the health of a Foreman installation, and like the idea of the upgrade subcommands-- Upgrading Foreman is a little unclear right now, and breaking it into pre-upgrade check, migrations, etc. would be helpful.

@Stefan_Lasiewski, thanks. Backup/restore, health checks, upgrades - sounds like reasonable order for porting the features and matches my plans.

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I’m also interested by this on ubuntu bionic.

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Hello @Lud97x and @Stefan_Lasiewski

We had the plans to have foreman-maintain to support the Ubuntu, however due to other priorities of foreman-maintain itself we dont have anything yet on Ubuntu platform.

Now I have started the work to have foreman-maintain supported for upstream scenarios. In this case we have most of the things ready but there are differences which we are adding now. So the short term plan now is, we come up with full upstream support including upgrades,backups, system checks etc for CentOS/RHEL as the team is accustom to this platform and then start the work for Ubuntu/Debian. If you wish to contribute then request you to contact me or @kgaikwad.

Thank You !

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Hello @upadhyeammit thank you for your reply, I understand :wink:

Hi folks! Any new about this ? Thank´s in advance!


The upstream support for el is still work in progress and its pending on review. Maybe it will take few more iterations of reviews and then testing. . We are expecting to start work on debian support after finishing this one.

Thank You!

Hi @upadhyeammit. Is there an update with the progress of the debian-based foreman-maintain?

I am late however I have good news, I am close to finishing this work,

I am hoping to have packaging done soon too :slight_smile:


Appreciate your patience!

Here is the announcement: The foreman-maintain 1.1.3 is now available on Debian!

Cheers! :beers:

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