Katello 4.0

I am closing in on the time to rebuild a new Katello environment, but with the possibility of Katello 4.0 on the horizon I wanted to hold off if it was coming in the near future. Also, will Katello 4.0 be able to run on CentOS 8?

Thanks for any info you can sure.


Hey @Cassius_Clay

Just an FYI that there was an update to the release schedule for Katello:

At the moment, it’s scheduled for March 2021.

Hi @mcorr,

Thanks so much for the reply. This helps me plan my rebuild/deployment plan. I’m running the most currently release of 3.15 at the moment, but it has had the most bugs or performance issues that I have ever experienced so far.

My next implementation I’m thinking of separating the databases into a PaaS PostgreSQL instance so that the Katello server doesn’t have to do that heavy lifting along with the other work.

I do appreciate all the time and work that goes into this product and believe it is fantastic.



You can actually migrate your DB to an external host on an existing installation. I would recommend to be on Foreman 2.1 (Katello 3.16) so you can also externalize Pulp 3. The benefit is that you don’t need to run PostgreSQL at all on the application server.

The procedure is roughly to prepare the external DB server, stop all applications, dump the current database, restore it on the external DB server and finally run the installer with the right arguments to point to the external DB server. Once you’re happy, you can remove the old DB installation.

Note that Katello starting some version (3.16?) started to use the PostgreSQL EVR extension. It’s written by Katello so it may not be available on a PaaS PostgreSQL instance.


Thanks for the information @ekohl. I’ll keep that in mind and might start with a fresh installation since this environment was started with probably 3.10 or 3.11 so it could be time for a new implementation. I also have two other remote smart proxies, but the server environment has gotten a lot smaller over the last year so this configuration isn’t really necessary.

What PostgreSQL version is recommend with 3.16 or newer going forward? Currently running version 12 after the upgrade to 3.15 a couple of months ago.


12 is recommended. At the time of writing 13 is not even out yet.

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I plan on rebuilding an old spacewalk infra and am considering the upcoming Katello 4.
As we’re closing in the expected release I was wondering if we could expect support for rhel/centos 8?
It’s the same question @Cassius_Clay asked but I could not find an answer.

Thank you!

We are working very hard to get 4.0.0-rc1 out and are testing it on EL8. There are still a few things to do.

For example, porting qpid to el8 for katello-agent is proving to be a bigger task than anticipated.

Another is EL8 modularity. We hope to default to PostgreSQL 12 but on EL8 the default version is 10. For Katello on fresh installs can be done, but there’s many edge cases. In particular existing Foreman installations on EL8 should be upgraded and there’s a painful bug in postgresql-upgrade contained in the postgresql:12 module.


Hi! Congrats to everyone involved in bringing out Katello 4.0

I was reading the Release Notes, and I saw “removal of puppet and ostree content types”

Does this mean the Katello will no longer be able to contain Puppet Modules and will not act as the Puppet Master to the Katello Clients (via subscription manager)?

Please let me know, Thanks!