Katello 4.3 RC1 is now ready for testing!

Katello 4.3 RC1 is the next release candidate for Katello 4.3. This release candidate has many bug fixes, so please read the full CHANGELOG .

Some links to get you started:

If you’ve found any issues in this release please head over to the support area and open a discussion so we can help.


Can we update this to make it clearer that it is now ready for testing?
I was very unsure? Is it ? :smiley:

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@mcorr it looks like I don’t have permission to edit the text or title. Can you add ready for testing to the title?

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Thanks @cintrix84
I’ll share on Twitter now!

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During the community demo intros, there was mention of a RC 2 being available?

If this is so, can we make an announcement?

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