Katello 4.4.2 is now out!

Hello community,

I’m happy to announce that Katello 4.4.2 has been released! This release includes several bug fixes whose details are available in the full CHANGELOG . This release is abnormal since Katello 4.6 has obsoleted Katello 4.4, so please still prepare to upgrade your Katello instance to stay within the supported two-releases.

Some links to get you started:

Please note that the Katello 4.4 upgrade instructions are missing notes about enabling the EL8 repositories. Simply replace EL7 with EL8 in the repository URL to enable the EL8 repositories. If you’re on EL8 and are experiencing modular filtering issues, run:

dnf module enable katello:el8 pulpcore:el8

If you’ve found any issues in this release, please head over to the support area and open a discussion so we can help. Don’t forget to add the ‘katello’ tag for any Katello-related issues.

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