Release team meeting 2022-10-26

Foreman 3.5

  • Module releases should happen this week, still working on closing things out
  • Stabilization week starts next week, followed by branching and RC1
  • @ekohl to post a branching process

Everyone who has a feature that should make it into 3.5, please set the target version so it shows up in the TODO:

Foreman 3.4

As mentioned last week (Release team meeting 2022-10-19), a patch release would be good but no time for this now. Foreman 3.5 is a priority and for users running into it there’s a workaround available.

Foreman 3.3

No releases planned. Given the state of 3.5 it’s likely 3.3.1 will be the last release

Katello 4.7

Branching process has been created:

Pulpcore 3.21 should make it in, work is still ongoing:

Katello 4.6

Nothing to mention.

Katello 4.5

It’s likely 4.5.1 is the last release in the series.

Katello 4.4

4.4.2 has been released:

With this we can consider 4.4 end of life and can clean up the Jenkins jobs supporting it (Remove EOL Foreman & Katello pipelines by ekohl · Pull Request #281 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub).

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