[Katello] Error 403 when accessing RedHat pulp local repo


I have fresh installed katello with foreman 2.5.2 installed with self signed default certs. I’ver managed to sync RH 8 BaseOS and AppStream Repos but i can’t access them from any browser. I’ve got an 403 error:

403: [(‘PEM routines’, ‘get_name’, ‘no start line’)]

I’ve already tried solution provided in [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 403 - Forbidden (RedHat repositories only) - #17 by radekb

But it doesn’t change anything.

Hi @mansonik

Have you downloaded and installed the debug certificate? (When viewing the repository details, you’ll see a message about it and a link to the organization details where you can download it.)

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Sure, but do i need to some how authenticate myself with it?

There are some instructions here, hopefully they will point you in the right direction: Foreman :: Plugin Manuals

It helped, thanks for advice.

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