"Latest" symlink is stale for Katello

Hello all,

It appears that they symlink at https://fedorapeople.org/groups/katello/releases/yum/latest/ points to Katello 3.8 and not the current version, 3.12. Is there a script that tags these releases? Can it be updated to also update the symlink?

@ekohl @Zhunting any idea about this symlink?

@ekohl @Zhunting - Nudge

I have no access to the Katello FedoraPeople account that I know of. The release team did talk about moving over the Katello content to yum.theforeman.org so it would be unified, but that’s likely only for 3.14.

I think either @Justin_Sherrill or @ehelms would know.

@Justin_Sherrill / @ehelms - nudge-nudge?

Unsure about the yum/rpm/Katello situation, but for DEBs we dropped a similar “stable” symlink: Drop "stable" link in Deb repos