Drop "stable" link in Deb repos

In Unable to create new DHCP entry when PXE Loader is changed the issue of the “stable” link in the deb repos (in this case, Xenial) being out of date came up again.

We’ve talked about dropping this before, so I’m raising it formally. I think it’s probably safer to only use the explicit numbered repos, and that we should drop the “stable” links entirely. Once done, a short post would be sent to the Announcements list so that people know to update their APT list files. @ekohl will this impact the installer at all?

I don’t think this is hugely controversial (we’ve discussed it before) so as a trial of the process we discussed previously, I’m setting a poll on this right away, and I’ve tagged the RFC with “voting”. It’s set to auto-close in two weeks.

Should we remove the stable symlink in the deb repos

  • Yes
  • No

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Installer impact should be minimal. I do think we should keep yum and apt similar in that they either both have stable or neither one does.

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Please do have a “latest” link in the deb repos if you remove stable. That will allow automated installer solutions like
https://github.com/adfinis-sygroup/foreman-ansible to continue working.

1 week left on the poll.

That’s just the same as “stable” - it’s a link that needs updating. In that scenario, you have 3 options:

  1. Update it automatically to whatever the latest version is

This isn’t possible because we create the next version directories to hold the RCs. We don’t want users auto-updating to those, testing should be an explicit choice

  1. Update it manually

That’s what we have today, but we keep hitting issues with getting it updated. Human error is a thing :slight_smile:

  1. Find some way to detect when a release has happened and automate the “latest” link there.

This solves both but sounds fragile and prone to leaving us in the same state as (2).

In short, I’m inclined to remove it. It’s sad to break modules like that, but I’m not convinced “latest” is a good strategy for controlling the version of a key piece of your infrastructure anyway. Upgrading Foreman should be a choice made by an operator.

No further comments here, I’m marking this as accepted - @mmoll / @ekohl would you do the honours? We should probably post to the Announcements once done.

I used to be in favor of such a solution but if we make changes to configs then things can break as well.

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This finally got executed.