New repo/content not being picked up by client

add new repo to content view, publish new version and promote it to our dev env. This kicks off a smart proxy but once finished the new repo does not getting seen by end client.

Expected outcome:
new repo available

Foreman and Proxy versions:
3.6 /4,2

Current fix has been to change lifecycle env for that end client to one for a different content view, refresh on the client, then change LC again to the correct view and refresh. Cert gets replaced and it can then see the new repo.
Need to know why this isnt happening automatically.

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Have a look here: List of packages to install not up to date - #3 by iballou

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hmm thanks, that link seems related. There’s also mention of a default 4 hours check-in time in rhsm.conf

We’ve been running subscription-manager refresh on the end host after adding a new repo/product to a content view. next time we do this, I will try subscription-manager repos as well to see if that helps.