Nominating Marek Hulan and Melanie Corr for GH org admins

We only have the following active github organization administrators: @tbrisker @ehelms @ekohl and if these are not the busiest members of our community I don’t know who is. It takes quite some time to get an administrative task getting done:

I would like to nominate Melanie Corr, our community manager, and Marek Hulan, our engineering manager (both from Red Hat), for github organization admin permissions. I do not know if we have any kind of guideline, but perhaps what is requested here in the forum can be done when there are no objections. Also I have no idea what other duties are associated with this, perhaps an annual review of permissions, users and groups is being done I think. Maybe someone else can fill me in. Anyway, you have been warned! More work ahead.

If there are no objections in a week, I will bug the current admins to assign permissions. Thank you all!


It’s been a week, please let us know when it’s done.

They both confirmed having 2FA authorization enabled.

both @mcorr and @Marek_Hulan have been made organization owners.

“With great power, comes great responsibility”.



With great power comes great responsibility. – Spider-Man

Thanks :slight_smile: