Notable things after Foreman 3.8 / Katello 4.10 upgrade

Hey there!

I thought it’s time again for another round of upgrade reports.

If you visit the Content View page in an Environment (/lifecycle_environments/<LE-id>/content-views), I think depending on how many repos and CVs you have, it takes “ages” to load that page. (~ 10sec for me)
The same for the selector on the other tabs in the environment.
And if you open the actual Convent View list page it takes ~ 20sec to load. (8 CVs, 250 repos right now)

I most notebly saw that while using the frontend on the phone (yeah it’s very crammed there, but I also don’t care about UI on the phone as long as it shows everything), but also on the desktop a popover card is allowed to use the screen overflow in vertical direction:

You can see here the full height of the page, and especially that the buttons are cut off by the end of the window, sometimes these are even more in the overflow. (on the phone even fully gone)

That said, wow is the new nav panel much more pleasant to use on the phone!
Only it isn’t possible to permanently hide the nav bar right now, it will appear again after every page reload.

Also, the nav panel categories close pretty often, for some it carries through if a subpage of the selected entry is opened, for some it doesn’t. (tbh it should always still show the nav entry have marked as selected, if it’s a sub page)

The name on the new host details page sticks now to the left, but I saw in a Forklift devel machine that this already got fixed in master, so I guess it will be backported some time :+1:

In the Smart Proxy Puppet CA view, the sorting icon overflow wraps in the next line:

(and of course that User dropdown thing, which we have in a different thread)

Hope that information is to some extend helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, lumarel

I have not investigated yet, but it could be related to Pulp performance regression.

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That part is only on the Pulp side. It shouldn’t affect the front end, so this could be a separate bug.

@damoore it would be good to track these and make sure they’re picked up.


Did this already happen? If not, I can also create tracking items for you if wanted :+1:

Thanks for the feedback @lumarel ! I’ve made an issue about the slow loading: Bug #36976: Very slow content view list loading - Katello - Foreman

There’s probably an inefficient query in there somewhere. Or who knows, maybe we’re missing DB indexes.

I meant to do this sooner but the time have been busy :slight_smile:


@Bernhard_Suttner am I remembering right that you said you were interested in where we can improve UI performance? If so, the issue above this comment may be of interest.