Officially support only the recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome / Chromium browsers

continue the discussion from the RFC/dev section, couldn’t edit the original post: Officially support only the recent versions of Firefox and Google Chrome / Chromium browsers

and the last discussion about this topic: Drop browser support, deprecate PhantomJS

though since then a few things have changed:

More data about browsers usage statistics are available in 85+ Web Browser Market Share & Usage Statistics (Aug 2021)
and Outdated Browser - Update your Browser

This is currently Foreman’s browser support: Foreman :: Manual

Our suggestion is to support only the recent versions of Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome / Chromium browsers.

As of today, I will be very surprised if Foreman still works on very old browsers,
This move is only to make it official, are there any concerns you can think about?


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Two points:

  1. Unless you are including Edge under “Chromium”, it should definitely be included. Would be better to list it separately as well if possible.
  2. Not a requirement of mine, but what about Safari browser?

Happy to ditch older browsers though.


Added it to the title but forgot in the content itself, yes Edge which is based on chromium is definitely supported :smiley:

Actually looking again at Frequently Asked Questions | PatternFly they also support latest Safari

Updated the post, thanks again @Duncan_Innes ! good eye :+1:

I think we should support the LTS version of Firefox since this is included in RHEL.

Yes, I believe the recent versions of Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome / Chromium browsers.

As I don’t see the conclusion here. @Ron_Lavi are we updating the browser support matrix from Foreman 3.2 or 3.3?

In both cases request to update the BrowserCompatibility and Deprecations section for nightly and/or 3.2?

This is now open for two weeks, been discussed in the demo and I found no concerns,
so let’s make Foreman 3.3 support officially the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Edge, Chrome / Chromium browsers.

RHEL includes Firefox ESR. Where to find release notes for Firefox for Enterprise | Firefox for Enterprise Help links to the release notes which says right now it’s Firefox 91. I think that’s important too.

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Opened PR in

Thanks @ekohl for merging,
the website is now updated in manuals - nightly - Deprecations
and manuals - nightly - BrowserCompatibility