Our Github organization is now sponsored on the teams plan

Yesterday I reached out to Github and and happy to announce that we are now sponsored by Github. Our organization has been upgraded to the Teams plan (see https://github.com/pricing#compare-features and Usage limits, billing, and administration - GitHub Docs).

Additional notes they sent me in the email:


Wow I wonder how far are we from these limits. Does GH show anything on our organization account?

Well done, this is a huge help and a big sponsor. I was just about to update our page while I see you have already did that:


Thank you Github!

AFAIK that isn’t visible. I know Vox Pupuli also would love to know.

@ekohl could you share what is the procedure to get sponsored by github?

I emailed someone I know after another org (Vox Pupuli) got sponsored in the same way. I’ll reach out to you directly.