Our new Login Page



I’ve modified the poll and made it all public. Let me know if that’s not desired.


I voted for Design 4 but I do miss the Foreman header (and helmet) above the login box. That’s why I was also thinking about Design 2. That is a bit too boring though. Design 3 does have all the elements I like, but I prefer the blue theme over de dark theme.


Awesome work @terezanovotna !!!
I liked the animation in the last one…
I think if it was in the colors of design4 image it would be a winner :wink:


Lately I’ve started to use this background in my PR


Thanks for creating better poll!


I think this is my favorite so far :slight_smile:


For those who’re working on designs, please also don’t forget there can be custom text specified in settings that should be displayed somewhere on the page :slight_smile: E.g. below the login box.


The custom text such as version and caption
Is added above the form and below the logo, see the picture that I’d uploaded above


Is that the welcome or version info? Or something I’m missing entirely. You know, the message can be pretty long, e.g. “This is a private system operated by XY, every user activity is logged and monitored. By logging in you agree with terms of use”. That’s why I thought it would be better below the form.


Wow… okay… I will try to insert such a long line
Thanks for mentioning that !


Looks amazing :slight_smile:


Is there an issue for this work?




Old login caption vs new login caption as I promised

The caption style can be changed of course


We’re collecting more user feedback on the login page design in the 2019 Community Survey. Will keep you posted when the results are out!

Until then, we will include Design 6 as a current background.