Please provide better error logs / troubleshooting section for the "failed to fetch kickstart issue!

i provided a process of systematically identifying and eliminating potential causes of the issue in this thread: Warning: Anaconda failed to fetch kickstart issue - #13 by ji-podhead

I am reaching out to request that the insights shared in this thread be integrated into the official documentation. The primary aim is to clarify the complexity surrounding the root cause of the error discussed, particularly highlighting how many individuals encounter the same error code yet face vastly different underlying issues.
I kindly request that this information be incorporated into the documentation or that future iterations of the boot image boot process and Foreman logging mechanisms include checks for these factors as part of their error handling processes. Specifically, documenting the steps for testing DNS responsiveness and checking the /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ directory could significantly aid in diagnosing similar issues in the future.

i run into this error for a reason that wasn’t even reported yet and i was really confused when i read a statement by a user that lead me on a wrong path.
i had a forman anomaly which wasnt even my fault

ps: sorry for for the typo in the title: ! should be a "