Problems creating a repo for an ubuntu 20.04 host

I created a repo for ubuntu and get error “Cannot create repository version. Path is duplicated: dists/focal-updates/Release.” when syncing repo
Expected outcome:
populate repo with ubuntu packages
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009
Other relevant data:

Hello All,
So, as the topic says Im having issues trying to create a repo for ubuntu 20.04 hosts (and later 18.04). I have functional CentOS 7 and EPEL repos.

I created the repo like so:

hammer repository create
–product “ubuntu-20.04”
–name “Focal-Updates”
–label “Focal-Updates”
–content-type “deb”
–gpg-key “DEB-GPG-KEY-Ubuntu”
–url “
–mirror-on-sync “no”
–deb-architectures “amd64”
–deb-components “main,restricted,universe,multiverse”
–deb-releases “focal-updates” \

I have had to remove the --gpg-key line in all my repo creations and do it in tha gui as hammer says its no longer a valid option as it was when creating repos on Foreman 2.31.and Katello 3.18

The repo looks like this:

When I sync the repo I get this:

Under Details it says:

Hopefully its an easy fix. Coming from Spacewalk, I have to admit Foreman/Katello has not been an easy transition for me. Im much more a sysadmin than a dev ops guy.


So, I removed all the components from the sync settings and changed the upstream url to Now when attempting to sync the repo , it will run for ~40 minutes and end like this


Im hoping someone can throw me a bone so I can get this working while I still have some hair left. Ive searched foreman, atix, ochrhino and redhat and found very little information and less help.


The initial bug (with the “Cannot create repository version.”) sounds a bit, but not exactly like Issue #8410: syncing deb-repos in pulp 3 fails with "The path for file... overlaps" - Debian Support - Pulp. I will need to check if the error message was changed between pulp versions. If it is the same bug, then that has been fixed in upstream pulp_deb and the fix will be included in the Katello 4.0.1 release.

The other bug you are seeing sounds like Issue #8692: Repository sync will fail if Debian components are defined on the remote - Debian Support - Pulp which was first reported yesterday, and I have not yet had a chance to look into.

I will post again once I know more.

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I’ve followed the orcharino documentation and this Managing deb content in Foreman |, replacing Debian with Ubuntu where needed.

Tell me if you happen to hang on the Foreman IRC sometimes.

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I saw that as well and it looks pretty simple , but it doesnt seem to want to be simple for me so far. What upstream url did you use ?? And no, I dont hang out there. Maybe I should start to sometime.

I did actually find that link before posting. I also saw suggestions to remove all components under the sync settings which would sync all the components without explicitely listing them.

I was pretty excited. It looked like the sync was working. But, as stated, after around 40 mins or so , I got the message server disconnected. I tried a half dozen times or so with the same outcome. Ill be waiting eagerly to hear what you find.


Interesting (sort of), i i dont know enough about how all the components work to know if its related , but I updated to tfm-rubygem-foreman_discovery-17.0.0-1.fm2_4.el7.noarch. Now when I attempt to sync the repo with 0 or 1 components in the repo config , I get
“Cannot create repository version. Path is duplicated: dists/focal-updates/Release”.

All the above steps are attempts to config a working ubuntu repo on my lab instance running Foreman 2.4 and Katello 4.0.

I setup the same repo on my prod box running Foreman 2.3.1 and Katello 3.18 without issue except for having to create /var/lib/pulp/gpg-home manually.

Keep in mind that orcharhino is still using Pulp 2 for everything. By contrast the pulp3_deb integration for Katello is pretty new, and still needs a lot of testing and fixing. I hope this work will accelerate once Katello 4.0.1 and 3.18.4 are out. (These versions will contain a newer version of pulp_deb which will make it easier to backport bugfixes.) Right now we are finding a lot of bugs. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have tried without components “main,restricted,universe,multiverse”, it worked just fine