Provisioning Host Error while in booting process

We are provisioning foreman the hosting using the upstream URL of Centos 7/Fedora repository to build the booting process.
We have configured pxe Linux kickstart default template for booting the image/URL and we have configured it to the Operating system as well.

We have also configured the boot disk to download the Full host image from the foreman and use this image to boot virtual box like VM ware to test the image.

While doing the booting process we are getting stuck the below error:
Warning: anaconda: failed to fetch kickstart from

We have also tried using the solution by configuring DNS and DHCP as per the below links.

Foreman-katello and Proxy versions
DHCP Version 2.3.4
HTTPBoot Version 2.3.4
Pulp Version 2.1.0
Pulp server version 2.21.5
Pulpcore Version 2.1.0
Registration Version 2.3.4
TFTP Version 2.3.4
Templates Version 2.3.4

Can you please share some pointer/feedback regarding this above issue? Thanks!

Its right under your nose: Couuld not resolve the host.

Your DNS is not right.

Meaning the machine can’t resolve Foreman’s FQDN, either your DHCP is misconfigured and recommends a wrong DNS server or the DNS server can’t resolve which is more likely, since the machine could have downloaded some other online resources.

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To elaborate, to solution to find the root cause is to let Anaconda (the instlaler) to fail (just wait 5 minutes) and it should drop into shell. Then investigate /etc/resolv.conf and network configuration, try to ping that host etc.