Proxmox Plugin - Can't Create Image - No Image VMID

I installed the Foreman Proxmox plugin and added a compute resource entry for each node in the cluster. The Virtual Machines tab shows all the containers/vm’s in the cluster so it appears to be configured properly, but I’m having an issue creating an image.

The Proxmox documentation states:

In the Image field, enter the relative path and name of the template on the Proxmox environment. Do not include the data center in the relative path.

But it seems like it could be either or as indicated in this recent post but I have no idea what would result in a dropdown vs a textbox.

What dictates if an Image list dropdown vs a Image VMID textbox is shown?

Based on the documentation though, I should be able to enter a path to the template.
Performing a pvesh get /nodes/localhost/storage/local/content shows the following:

I’ve tried entering all sorts of paths but nothing works and it keeps generating the error “could not be found in ‘nodename’”.

Have you created VM template using these iso images? Is it still not showing as a list in create image page?

Not sure I understand the question. There are two Rocky LXC templates listed in the screenshot that don’t show up in the list. I’m not worried so much about the ISO’s at this point, but I would think that those two would show up.

I would expect that the two LXC templates would show up that is.

I hope this helps: Unable to create image in compute resource with KVM container based templates · Issue #328 · theforeman/foreman_fog_proxmox · GitHub