Pulp3 content migration and external content proxy

Just for me to understand: the upgrade page for katello describe the procedure for content migration to pulp3.

The smart proxy upgrade page doesn’t say anything about this. What is the procedure to switch to pulp3 on a content proxy?

Thanks for the great question @gvde. There is not an available migration path yet for content proxy’s and existing proxies running Pulp 2 will continue to work. The teams have been discussing the easiest path forward for users with respect to content proxies. Those discussions center around two approaches, to follow, and we’d love your input as a user which you would prefer. Keep in my mind we are balancing the amount of work, overhead and complexity for the user with the needs of the user based on their setups.

  1. No in-place upgrades. Deploy new content proxy with Pulp 3, and sync it.
    a) With a new hostname, migrate clients
    b) With the existing hostname, switch DNS

  2. In-place content proxy upgrades with content migration. This may require additional resources on the content proxy host as both Pulp 2 and Pulp 3 (along with their databases) would need to run.

What about an in-place upgrade with no content migration, i.e. you remove all pulp2 contents during upgrade and then simply start a fresh sync? That way, it’s a simple upgrade path but you don’t have to bother with content migration from pulp2 to pulp3…

As I am using on demand on the content proxy that would be fine with me. Of course, others may have a different policy and would prefer not to transfer many GBs of data, again…

Especially for on-demand this could be a bad option as packages can be gone upstream which were synced and part of a content view.

And yes, I would recommend for repositories with changing content to use a different policy, but it could still make sense and be configured for some environments.

I thought on-demand for the smart proxy was from the proxy towards the main server. My main server has immediate sync policy on all repositories. I don’t see how this is a bad option.

And I am not sure what that issue has to do with the pulp2-pulp3 migration on content proxies…

The central one is also only an integrated proxy. But if you have them configured yours in this way, than it is totally fine and in your case no content migration would be an option. I just wanted to illustrate that it depends on the environment if no content migration is an option at all or it would very likely cause problems.

the idea that @ehelms mentioned that you’d have to re-sync your smart proxies (or reinstall them from scratch) is only relevant for external smart proxies, not the internal one

“missing content” from upstream repos shouldn’t be an issue, as the content is properly being migrated on the Katello server. Its only external smart proxies with content that would need to be resynced. Since the content is still on the katello server along side repository metadata, the external smart proxy should not have any issue syncing it, even if its missing from upstream

Is there any update on this scenario?

What will happen if I try to upgrade a content smart proxy that is currently pulp 2 to Katello 4.0?


As far as I can tell, there is no scenario at the moment except installing a new proxy.

My previous attempts ended in complete disaster, i.e. the proxy was not usable anymore and did not deliver content.

See my thread Katello 4.0 content proxy upgrade disaster

The docs for the content proxy upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 are completely oblivious of the pulp2 to pulp3 migration: Upgrading and Updating Foreman server

Is there any update on this Pulp2->3 upgrade scenario on for existing capsules with Pulp2?

I saw @Justin_Sherrill’s comment today about Pulp2 capsule synch no longer being supported in master which reminded me that I still I don’t know what to do about my Pulp2 capsules as I upgrade.

2 years later this still seems to be a problem. is there a process ?
Whats the way forward on this ?