Release Meeting Notes 2018-11-05

  • Foreman 1.20
    • 1.20.0-RC2 is out, went much smoother than RC1
    • 1.20.0 GA: unless regressions are found which require an additional RC, tagging Nov 15th with target release date in the area of Nov 16-19th (dependent on any pipeline-related delays).
  • Katello
  • Foreman 1.19.1 - Aiming for release by EOW
  • Foreman 1.18.3 - Also aiming for release by EOW
  • @ekohl working with rackspace to fix provisioning issues that’s blocking pipelines on debians


Looks like issue is that nova agent 2.1.17 is required and they ship 2.1.15 in their Ubuntu images. The result is that the hostname is set, but not the domain. Our installer fails on this.


Currently Canonical is testing the new nova agent before they update their images. Until then my workaround is to run the Ubuntu tests on my laptop.