Release meeting notes 2019-06-26


  • 1.20.3
    • despite it not being officially supported anymore with 1.22 out, we want to make another release since it contains some important fixes that may be preventing people from upgrading. We will target the release for next week.
    • need to verify fixes marked as fixed in this release are indeed in it (esp. puppet modules)
    • make sure issues targeted for it are merged or pushed off.
  • 1.21.4 - currently not planned
  • 1.22.1
    • need to fix having the default smart proxy in default taxonomies - lots of new users confused about this.
  • 1.23
    • working on changes in js vendor packaging
    • want to clean up some puppet 3 left overs
    • need to release puppet modules prior to stabilizaition
    • need to remind developers to update list of highlight features planned in Foreman 1.23 schedule and planning


  • 3.10.2 - the gem was released but wasn’t packaged as it is no longer supported, if there are requests for the fix it contains (puppet 6 errors on Time conversion) we will build it.
  • 3.11.2 - waiting on build, gem has been released.
  • 3.12 - looking into cherry-picks for 3.12.1, some merge conflict because of divergence between the branches due to pulp3 work