Release meeting notes 2020-04-22


  • nulldb replacement for build tasks in progress. (Tracked at Dropping SQLite support in Foreman core in favor of NullDB)
  • Work in progress also on installer modules in preparation for 2.1.
  • Status of in progress items from Foreman 2.1 schedule and planning :
    • Rails 6 upgrade - blocked on completing nulldb switch. packaging work in progress and expected to be finished by end of the week. Green
    • Full IPv6 initial provisioning and installer support - apparently all done. Green
    • Incorporate apipie-dsl to document template macros. - Initial core PR acked, waiting on packaging to be merged. Green
    • Refactoring of report storage for improved performance - no progress, will push to 2.2. Red
    • EL8 installation support - most packages already done. Some work in progress for a few packages, as well as changes in installer testing. Green
  • Overall looking positive for being able to branch on time. Focus right now needed on Rails 6 packaging and ensuring stable nightlies with nulldb and EL8.
  • Next meeting we’ll do retro for 2.0 release cycle. The meeting will need to be rescheduled to a different time due to public holiday in Israel.


  • 3.15.0 GA is ready, will be announced after sanity checks today.