Release team meeting 2022-10-19

Present: @ekohl (chair/notes), @Chris_Roberts, @sajha, @iballou, @pcreech

Foreman 3.5

Next week Puppet modules releases should go out, stabilization starts on October 31st with branching following the week after.

Foreman 3.4

There is one upgrade issue on Debian that would benefit from a release:

Foreman 3.3

Foreman 3.3.1 finally went out:

There were a large number of small issues that required additional small fixes so it took longer than anticipated.

It still needs to be announced on Twitter and the IRC topic needs to be updated.

This will likely be the last release in the 3.3 series.

Katello 4.7

Branch procedure was posted:

Now going over various repositories to make sure we’re ready to branch.

Katello 4.6

There probably won’t be a release until after Katello 4.7 has branched.

Katello 4.5

Katello 4.5.1 went out:

Katello 4.4

A 4.4.2 release is being prepared (Katello 4.4.2 release process). This turned into due to bugs found along the way.

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