Release team meeting 2023-01-04

Present: @ekohl (chair, notes), @pcreech, @Chris_Roberts

Foreman 3.6

@ekohl to post the release schedule.

Foreman 3.5

  • Went GA (Foreman 3.5.1 is available). We ended up skipping 3.5.0 due to a data loss issue for users of foreman_statistics.
  • Working on translations for various plugins. See State of translations - 3.5. Most have been merged, but not released yet. As maintainers are coming back from holidays this should be easier.

Foreman 3.4

No updates

Foreman 3.3

Following our policy to support two versions, Foreman 3.3 is considered end of life (EOL) now that Foreman 3.5 is out,

Katello 4.8

@Chris_Roberts will start the discussion who will own this.

Katello 4.7

  • Went GA (Katello 4.7.0 GA is available)
  • 5 open issues for 4.7.1. Nothing critical yet, but as people are getting from holiday breaks this is likely to increase. Will review this next week.

Katello 4.6

No updates.

Katello 4.5

Like Foreman 3.3, this is now EOL.